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What are the types of lamps

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1. Ceiling light
Commonly used ceiling lamps are square shade ceiling lamps, pointed oblate ceiling lamps, small rectangular shade ceiling lamps, semi-spherical ceiling lamps, spherical ceiling lamps, and semi-oblate ceiling lamps. Ceiling lamps are suitable for lighting in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Occupies a small space, bright and comfortable.
2. Floor lamp
Floor lamps are often used as local lighting, not comprehensive, but emphasize the convenience of movement, which can create a good atmosphere in the corner. If the lighting method of the floor lamp is direct downward projection, it is suitable for activities that require concentration such as reading. If it is indirect lighting, the overall light change can be adjusted. The bottom of the lampshade of the floor lamp should be at least 1.8 meters above the ground.
3. Spotlight
Spotlights can be placed around the ceiling or on the upper part of the furniture, and can also be placed in the wall, wall skirt or skirting line. The light shines directly on the household utensils that need to be emphasized to highlight the subjective aesthetic effect, and achieve the artistic effect of prominent focus, rich layers, unique environment, rich atmosphere, and colorful. The light line of the spotlight is soft, graceful and luxurious, which can not only play a leading role in the overall lighting, but also provide partial lighting to enhance the atmosphere.
4. Yuba
According to the heating method, Yuba is divided into light bulb infrared heating Yuba and fan heater heating Yuba. In the market, light bulb infrared heating Yuba is mainly used. According to the function, there are three-in-one bathroom heater and two-in-one bathroom heater. The three-in-one bathroom heater has lighting, heating, and exhaust functions; the two-in-one bathroom heater has only lighting and heating functions.
5. Energy-saving lamps
The brightness and lifespan of energy-saving lamps are superior to ordinary incandescent bulbs, and the power-saving function is very superior. Energy-saving lamps are U-shaped, spiral-shaped, petal-shaped, etc., with power ranging from 3 watts to 40 watts. The prices of energy-saving lamps of different models, specifications, and origins vary greatly. Energy-saving lamps can generally be installed in lamps such as downlights, chandeliers, and ceiling lamps. Energy-saving lamps are generally not suitable for use in high temperature and high humidity environments. Bathrooms and kitchens should try to avoid using energy-saving lamps.

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